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Hey, I'm looking for (Rebel Riot) Discography, They're from Latvia & as far as I know they made these Albums: "Make A Mess (2010)", "Destructive Chaos (2012)" & "The Good, The Bad And The Heavy (2016)", Thanks in advance Rofl
Has anyone got the Live Video of Emperor - Emperial Live Ceremony?

Many thanks and stay brutal Smile3
(01-31-2017, 11:55 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ]- HELL IN THE CLUB - shadow of the monster - japan edition with bonus track -
- VERDE LAURO - son animali al mondo -
- EVERGREY - demo 1996 -
- BLOODY HAMMERS - lovely sort of death - 2 cd deluxe edition -
- LOUDNESS - thunder in the east - 30th anniversary box-set (with bonus demos) -
- CIRITH UNGOL - paradise lost - 2016 edition -
- PINO SCOTTO - vuoti di memoria
- DOOMED - anna - bonus tracks edition -
- KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - beyond the flames - home video part II -
- ROSAE RUCIS - Massoneria
- SEVEN KINGDOMS - in the walls - - decennium -

OVERKILL + KREATOR - man in black + warrior heart - split -

[Изображение: 632966.jpg?1838]

TOKYO MOTOR FIST - tokyo motor fist japan edition -

[Изображение: R-9884524-1488203334-8378.jpeg.jpg]

UNRULY CHILD - can't go home japan edition -

[Изображение: R-9884484-1488203456-1414.jpeg.jpg]
Portugese Death Metal

Crushing Sun- TAO (2010)
I need this album
Doom:VS - Dead Words Speak Album (2008)
for the most part i listen to metal of any kind and punk...hardcore punk for the most part but if its good its good, you know what i mean?
I need Live Between The Earth & Clouds - Antimatter. Anyone can help me?
(Leslie West) Mountain- Mountain (1969) 320k preferred not necessary though.

Just looking for this particular one I have the rest of their catalog.

Thank you Cheers. Pleasantry
What I need an answer to. What makes the  band Seven Kingdoms so important that their new album isn't available on Metal Tracker yet? Ha? Can someone answer that one? Blush2
Hello guys, all great efforts here. If possible i would like : Ebony Wall - Time (2015) and December Flower - When all life ends...(2011). Both are really great albums, thanks in advance