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Maniac Spider Trash - Dumpster Mummies (1994)

Gunfire 76 - Casualties & Tragedies (2009)

Both are Wednesday 13 projects.
I'm still having a hard time find the full Calabrese discography, guys. Can anyone help me? It's a horrorpunk band in the style of The Misfits.
I'm looking for discographies from

Sarcohpagus (Black/Death Metal from the U.S.)
Summon (Black/Death Metal from the U.S.)
Deceased (Death Metal, Thrash, Traditional Metal from the U.S.)

Hi guys! Could someone upload the first 4 Megadeth albums (especially Killing is my business), the originals. No remasters, no remixes. Thanks in advance.
I'd like to request a lossless version of Bestial Summoning's The Dark War Has Begun. There doesn't seem to be any place to find one, only an mp3 320kbps version that was recently uploaded here.
hi all im looking for the SINNER cd TEQUILA SUICIDE japanese edition with 3 bonus trks...mp3 @320 thanks in advance
Hey! I'm looking for two new EPs:
I (One) by Vetrar Draugurinn
The Comfortable Low by The Moth Gatherer

Thanks in advance ?
Hey guys. Could anyone upload full discography from USA death/thrashers Deceased?

Thanks in advance
(03-12-2017, 12:01 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ]- HELL IN THE CLUB - shadow of the monster - japan edition with bonus track -
- VERDE LAURO - son animali al mondo -
- EVERGREY - demo 1996 -
BLOODY HAMMERS - lovely sort of death - 2 cd deluxe edition -
LOUDNESS - thunder in the east - 30th anniversary box-set (with bonus demos) -
CIRITH UNGOL - paradise lost - 2016 edition - PINO SCOTTO - vuoti di memoria
- DOOMED - anna - bonus tracks edition -
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - beyond the flames - home video part II -
- ROSAE RUCIS - Massoneria
SEVEN KINGDOMS - in the walls - - decennium -
UNRULY CHILD - can't go home - japan edition -

WINTERSUN - the forest seasons

[Изображение: wintersunforestseasonscover_638.jpg]
I would like to request Clandestine - The Invalid (2011) in real 320 kbps.

Female fronted progressive metal.