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I would like to request Clandestine - The Invalid (2011) in real 320 kbps.

Female fronted progressive metal.

Heavy Temple- Chassit (2017)
I would like to suggest and ask if someone could upload these albums, Gyze - Northen Hell Song(2017), Blood Stain Child - Tri Odyssey (2017), Ocquityn - Alibi in June(1999), Hydrotoxin - Oceans (1996), thanks in advance!
I am not sure if bootlegs are allowed to be requested but here it goes. I am looking for Alice in Chains' Dirt Preproduction Demo (1991). It is available on Youtube but a better quality version would be preferrable.
Hello guys,
I was looking for an album from Ulver, year 1994, title: "Bergtatt - Et eeventyr in 5 capitler"
Non-plus-ultra would be mp3s @320.

I found it in the discography! I didn't notice it:
Sorry for the noise.

Hi everyone!

I´m looking for this CD: Kreator [Изображение: fleche-jaune.gif] Live At the Dynamo Open Air (1998)
Dragonland discography:

The Battle Of The Ivory Plains (2001)
Holy War (2002)
Starfall (2004)
Astronomy (2006)
Under The Grey Banner (2011)
Hey guys, I searched the whole Internet looking for the albums if this band. Its a side project from some Katatonia guys called Aoria. The style is very alike, albeit a little more depressive. Cant find anywhere, so if anyone can help me. The sad part is that the music is really amazing.

Band: Aoria
Albums: The Constant, How the End Will Come, If I Slow Down Everything Will Disappear
Hello All. I am searching for an album that was made to David Gold ( Woods of Ypres). The album is called Heart Of Gold: A Tribute to Woods Of Ypres. Anyone have this album and want to share ?

Re-seed for BlockHeads and Lorn discography? Please.

// EDIT: Got Lorn. Can someone re-seed blockheads too? Thanks.

// EDIT #2: Everything is ok, got both of them. Thank you so much! You guys rock!