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I'm looking for The Great Cold Distance 10th Anniversary (Earbook Edition) - Katatonia. It has the live concert in Plovdiv. Thanks Smile3
Would be possible to get / add to the web mephistopheles (ger , melodic black metal) discography ? 

Thanks in advance
I'd like to request a lossless version of Abigail's discography (all full length albums more exactly):

Thanks in advance.
Has anyone seen any stuff by Sungoddess (  All I've found is a smattering of YouTube live crap, which does sound awesome, but I'd want the real albums.  Metal Archives say there were only 500 copies which explains the rarity, but someone is bound to have it, right?
Can someone please upload Archaios - The Distant
,nI have a request. Transmetal -El trigésimo mandamiento 2017
Does anyone out there have record store day releases from Clutch?!  And the vinyl or import releases of their albums with bonus songs on them.  Much appreciated if they would make their way to here.  Thank you and keep rocking!!
Looking for high quality Mutoid Man - Bleeder torrent please.  Smile3
hi everyone,
im looking for CRIMSON HILL - Denied (2014)
thanks in advance
(05-17-2017, 05:04 AM)simonnep Писал(а): [ -> ]Looking for high quality Mutoid Man - Bleeder torrent please.  Smile3

It's included in the discography, unless you're looking for FLAC/Lossless?