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I´m looking for both albums of the band "Circle of Grief" from Germany:
"Into the Battle" and "Enter the Gallery"

Would be cool if someone stumbled upon this and would share.
From what i know the band disbanded, but some members are now playing in Winterstorm.
I actually had one album once, but moving from one city to another sometimes has the con-side of losing stuff.

Qualitywise I´ll take what comes around, from mp3 128kbps up. 

Thanks in advance! Smile3
Ladies and Gentlemen,

i am searching Vanden Plas - The Seraphic Live Works DVD + CD in Flac. Anyone ?? Many thanx in advance for your friendly help ! Cheers + ROCK ON
I'm looking for Obsidion - Barrows.
does anybody happen to have Blood Corps - Hollow Point demo? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hey everyone, could someone perhaps upload the discography of the band Frown from Slovakia, it'd be much appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.
Hi, any chance to get kaos sacramentum discography ?
hi @ all

i´m searching the Album "Die Lichtung" from the german pagan/-folkmetalband Knaat. 320 kb/s mp3
Hi guys is there anybody who owns a lossless copy of "ODE TO THE NIGHTSKY" by MUNDANUS IMPERIUM? Please upload it!
Event Horizon X discography.

I've listened to some songs on youtube and sounds amazing
New album by House Vs. Hurricane - Filth