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Hello all, looking for a few albums.
Dead Otter-Pathfinder
Fall of an Empire-Croweater2: The last wishes of kings
Hello all - first request
Cellar Darling - This is the sound album
BardSpec - Hydrogen

Ivar Bjornson from Enslaved's new atmospheric/ambient project.
Hello good people!

Cold Mourning’s Discography (track in 320 mp3 format)

Morne‘s Discography (tracks in 320 mp3 format ) and

Evoke’s album of the PASTOR’s group (also tracks in 320 mp3 format)

Who can help’s me to realise this Life’s Wish?!?
Hello everyone

Slow - Unsleep (

Markov Soroka Funeral Doom Metal Project
Hi!  Could anyone upload a FLAC version of "Deathcade" by Nocturnal Depression.  This would be soooo appreciated!  Thank you!
Hi guys, could anyone upload Deathcade by Nocturnal Depression in lossless format/FLAC?  That would mean the world to me.  Thank you so much.
(04-02-2017, 09:22 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ]- HELL IN THE CLUB - shadow of the monster - japan edition with bonus track -
- VERDE LAURO - son animali al mondo -
- EVERGREY - demo 1996 -
BLOODY HAMMERS - lovely sort of death - 2 cd deluxe edition -
LOUDNESS - thunder in the east - 30th anniversary box-set (with bonus demos) -
CIRITH UNGOL - paradise lost - 2016 edition -
- PINO SCOTTO - vuoti di memoria
- DOOMED - anna - bonus tracks edition -
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE - beyond the flames - home video part II -
- ROSAE RUCIS - Massoneria
UNRULY CHILD - can't go home - japan edition -
- WINTERSUN - the forest seasons - forest package

NACHTMYSTIUM - live decay roadburn live 2012 -

[Изображение: 657316.jpg?2536]
Hy everyone, this is my first request:

I'm search the complete discography of the Dawn of Winter (
Full-lenght, demo and EP'S, in mp3 format.
Looking for American prog hardcore group Number Twelve Looks Like You discography. Nothing seems to be out there.