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does someone already have the album from the band kryptonite?
U.s black metal band JABLADAV "Dead as duck" and "black as pitch" please.
Please someone upload 'Ten - Gothica' 2017 album
Looking for Crucifixion:

Crucifixion formed in Essex in 1979. They released the 7inch "The Fox" in 1980 and "Take it or leave it" in 1982. In 1983 they recorded one demo and in 1984 they released the "Green Eyes" EP.
I'm looking for Krolok/Temnohor split from 2013. If anyone have it please upload. Thanks in advance.
Hey everyone, I'm looking for Doom Side of The Moon, I'd appreciate it if someone would upload it. Thanks!
Hello guys!

I'd be really thankful if anyone could help me find:

Lycan Twilight Sorcery from Cult of Eibon

Herald the Unsung from Triumphant

Thanks in advance! \m/
Hi, I need REV 16:8 discography, Grand Tidal Rave (2009) and Ashlands (2011) please... Thanks very much.
I'm still looking for Trey Gunn's discography. Anyone? Please...
Hey there guys!

Would any of you have the torrent for: O - When Plants Turn Into Stones

It's a really nice album, ambient music.

Thanks a lot!