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P'tit lu all...

I'm looking for
  • Anti Niger Machine demos released in 2010
  • The Jibbs
  • Razr 13
  • Third Ear Experience
  • Tres Mts
Those are some of numeral Dug Pinnick (King's X) side projects.
I can't find that anywhere.
Thank you for help!
Portrait (Sweden)
'Burn the World'
Type: Full-length
Release date: August 25th, 2017
Label: Metal Blade Records
I would like to request the two EPs of the argentinian band Witchour, please Smile3
Best regards,
Hey guys, someone help me find this album, if you have, share

Dio - On Wings of Fire


Good Morning Friends!
I'm looking for an album by French heavy metal band Mystery Blue.

Mystery Blue | Live ... Made in Europe

It was released in late 2016.
Could someone help me find it?

Thank you!!
Does anyone have the new xanthochroid album to share? I can't find it anywhere... Would really apreciate it
Xanthochroid - Of Erthe and Axen Act I
Does anybody have W.I.L.D "Happiness is not allowed" EP. I found it here a couple of weeks ago , but there wasn´t anybody that seeded . PLEASE UPLOAD IT AGAIN
I would like to request:

Khmer - Larga Sombra (2017)

Thank you
I'm searching for these albums, please help:

Drone - Octane EP (2006)
Drone - Drone (2014)

and the discography of


Thank you very much!
Hi Guys, i´m looking for the 2 Dazed & Confused Sountracks:

Dazed & Confused Soundtrack

Even More Dazed And Confused Soundtrack

If you don´t know the movie, watch it!!! ;)