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Полная версия: Lets talk about headphones
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Currently I'm using the Sony WM-1000XM3. I do a lot of commuting so the noise cancelling is quite amazing on these. Also using LDAC with these beauty's the quality is impressive for Bluetooth.

I have a pair of V-Moda Crossfade's which I love but after many years they're beginning to look.. pretty beat up.

Also have the Samsung Galaxy Buds. After using semi high quality headphones these things sound horrible.

Also have a pair of AKG's Y500bt. Despite the midrange cost these things sound awful. Not even any support for aptx. Only low quality SBC.

Lastly I have a pair of older Sony XBA-2 headphones. Great quality for small earbuds.
It is very difficult to choose headphones. I am currently using a Sony MDR-V55. I am very pleased. Excellent sound quality.
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