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List your gear/headphones do you use ..

mine were sennheisers and sonys mdr phones..Smile3
IMHO there is no single right headphone for me.

I have these:

- Bose AE2(i) which I use at home primarily as it has a clear and balanced sound, yet has a light weigth, I use this one for music
- Creative Labs Fatality Headset on my windows game computer, the mic has a very good quality, it has a in-cable remote control and a very powerful sound, not so good for music
- Bose QC25 is my headphone for the office. The noise cancellation is close to perfect though the music quality is not perfect, but very good. Eats a lot of battery though. Bonus: Can be used for phone and music Smile3
- Apple Earpods is my headset when I'm outside with the dog, the in-cable remote works fine and the mic is okay. As it's cheap I wouldn't mind if I loose it or it gets damaged
- Howard Leight Sync is my Heasdphone for playing drums. The passive noise cancellation is amazing and the mechanical toghness is supreme. Sound quality could be better though

Still none of these is perfect, but I guess it's a question of invest in in.
The Iron Maiden ones look awesome from Onkyo Yahoo[attachment=665]
I use my Bose AE2w for everything. Since it's got a Bluetooth module that also works for calls, I can leave my phone in my pockets while listening to music and do pretty much anything when somebody calls me. Or when I call them.
Sennheiser CX 300-II, just them.
Bose QC15.
mine are JBL Synchros.
None right now, but i intend to buy Audiotechnica ATH-T200 or T300
(03-20-2016, 06:20 AM)donald_duckling Писал(а): [ -> ]Hello,

List your gear/headphones do you use ..

mine were sennheisers and sonys mdr phones..Smile3

i use sol republic master track and I like a lot
Bose Quiet Comfort 15. Expensive but well worth the money especially if you listen to a shitload of tunes every day.
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