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Полная версия: What Metal radio stations do you listen to?
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Just wondering what metal stations people are listening to online?
I use to listen to Chronix radio but that has been gone for a while now. I havent really found any good ones out there!

There are non here.Sorry
I listen to my iPod no commercials guaranteed, always plays what I want to hear
BanditMetal Radio from Sweden.
The best I could find so far. Recommended, with almost every genre is the best radio by far
Duuuuuude. RADIO FENRIZ!!!!!! Start at #1. He plays a lot of everything. for years now
Sometime I listening Z-Rock or Radio Rock 1. most rock dj's Viking, Your Dissease, Sarah(progrock) Steve, Gemini and Grof.. or Shamas, Acey and Deke a lot of new rock bands.. just give it a try
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