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(01-14-2017, 07:22 PM)Viejales Писал(а): [ -> ]The best for me the reunion of Accept some years ago, show under the rain in a festival, but was killer......

I agree  Yahoo ACCEPT are a live war machine  Yahoo and the face of Wolf Hoffmann is an added value  Laugh1

[Изображение: wolf.jpg]
[Изображение: c3e3458a359bd8075b4b7cf2a009219d.jpg]
[Изображение: Wolf-Hoffmann-Minsk-Belarus-Franz-Mercur...graphy.jpg]
[Изображение: latest?cb=20150822092745]
Laugh1 Laugh1 Laugh1

Iron Maiden, every time. You'll never see a "bad" show. Also Overkill I've seen 6 times and they never disappoint either. Macabre and Kreator are always great as well.
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