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Hi there!
I'm curious, do you only listen to metal?
I'm into black metal since I was 15/16 and for years Metal was the only genre I listen to, but when I grew up I start listening to a lot of other stuff.
So the question is: Do you only listen to Metal or do you like other stuff? (rap, electronic and so on) let me know Rofl
I also listen to BM since I was...maybe 12? So 15 years and counting Smile3
Even now I mainly listen to bm (well almost always)
When I got a bit older I have start appreciating other geners. That can be rap, electro or even J-pop I really dont care. It's not like when I was kid "metal or nothing". Ok, I dont listen to whole discographies but there are some songs that are really catchy. I love good soundtracks from games/movies like akira yamaoka and mary elizabeth mcglynn (silent hill) or black mages (final fantasy) or good electro like Ice ages.
Anyway, if something is good and I like it I will listen to it no matter what gener it is Smile3
Same here, started listening to BM an early age with the likes of Carpathian Forest and moved to more raw bands etc...
Regarding genres I can listen to anything as long as it sounds good, from pure industrial to noise to electronic, ambient, baroque, folk, classical, jazz etc... however I can't listen to any rap/hiphop... drives me mental...
I like any music where the guitar is a main instrument, so Blues, some Jazz, etc other than that I rarely venture outside the rock/metal territory. Plus, I don't consider rap a music because there's hardly any music going on there and when there is then it's not a high quality music. Also, I don't like electronic types of music like techno or other where the sound relies on music produced by unconventional 'instruments' or computers/programs/etc.

So whenever I have a choice not to listen to what I don't like (even some metal genres/bands) I don't listen to it, but also there are situations when you can't choose what kind of music is played and then I can 'survive' almost anything.
If I feel like listening to it, I will. I'm not very discriminate. I like to be surprised by the things I like.
yes, only the metal. from the formation to today. to put it mildly, "has grown" on it.
long since evolved to the extreme, sometimes absolute.
but respect for the jazz, blues and some other genres, like pillars, in fact, the direction of avantgarde metal and more technical experimental issues. and also funk sometimes.

and who even try to throw sneakers onto my side, saying that I was not true.
I listen to so much styles and stuff, it doesn't matter what it is actually I just gotta like it. I hate the classification and categorization of Music. But I listen to Movie/Games/Series soundtracks, Metal, Rock, Blues, Classical, I love Piano, some electronic, ambient music, and the list goes on and on!!
Metal is my main music for 30 years by now, but i listen to hard house, country, classic, hardrock, rock n roll, bluegrass, blues, electronic, hardcore, goa trance.
There is a lot of good other music out there besides metal. But metal will always be the main thing. There is actually only one kind of music that gives me the fucking creeps.... i fucking HATE jazz!
That horrible shit should be forbidden! Hearing this idiotic chaos makes me wanna kill something.
Yes. My only interest in music is metal. Although, I have listened to other forms of music, and have extensive knowledge in other forms of music, when I'm alone, I only listen to metal.
No, I like many types of music.
My music taste ranges from Darkwave, Goth Rock, Dark Cabaret, Deathrock to Metal, Post-Punk, EBM, Hard Rock, Medieval Folk, Instrumental, Synth-Pop, Celtic, etc.
But it depends on the mood I´m in really. At certains periods of my life I even liked ballads and other stuff... xD
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