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(10-28-2016, 11:31 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ]
(10-28-2016, 11:00 PM)RiverPlate Писал(а): [ -> ]i don't like Babymetal, but this is history believe or not

yeah good example  Smile3 personally I like BABYMETAL...... anyway, I think that they will be another fast-passing phenomenon, but I also feel something new and interesting in their songs...... and, probably, this is one poit of the matter: the "contaminations" between generes...... something new can grow if you let something new to come in...... and, IMHO, this is also one of the great (fascinating) contradictions of metal: is a kind of music with a huge range of styles and influences and, because of that, potentially destined to change endlessly and to stay alive whithout any limit...... on the other side, a lot of metal-heads first, I don't know why, fear every new kind of change and contamination, condamning it as "mainstream" or "un-true"......  Smile3 examples: AMARANTHE, for me, are a great band, with some very good spark of personality...... or SEPULTURA: at the time, a lot of people misunderstood "chaos a.d." or "roots", two albums now universally considered as masterpieces...... and again: I've liked a lot DARK TRANQUILLITY and IN FLAMES turning from melodic-death to "something modern"...... contaminations...... Smile3

amaranthe met them two weeks ago, did not know that band completely but it might be much pop?
(10-29-2016, 05:00 AM)RiverPlate Писал(а): [ -> ]amaranthe met them two weeks ago, did not know that band completely but it might be much pop?

well...... I don't know if it's "pop" or not...... to me it's great good music  Yahoo  Grin

Everything depends on the point of view every person has on specific issues. There are many things going on around the world, and a lot of inspiration to make some good music with strong messages. I think the music will be different compared to the past generations, though (it already is :P ), since people's psychological needs change through time. There will always be good music in every genre, and even new genres pop up (whether we like it or not). The point is, after a point, will we even be able to understand it or even appreciate it?
(10-30-2016, 03:43 PM)mistressofdecay Писал(а): [ -> ]...... The point is, after a point, will we even be able to understand it or even appreciate it?

this is a very good question  Smile3

surely it's easier looking to the past than looking at the present...... we will know only after a few years if a new/young band could be a new "legend" of music history...... and this is, for me, another point of the matter: the music business of today, the new technologies and the speed they eat, chew and spit out a new young band...... take a look here on the tracker...... there are thousands of new young bands from everywhere, bands that will never have enough time to stay "under the lights of the stage" to become a new big name or, if they have, probably will soon lose their sparks of personality because some record company will force them to conform their sound and music to the ones of other similar bands...... too much bands more or less enough good, but a very few REALLY FUCKING GOOD...... I think.....
Well, let's stop acting like we don't know what's going on, it's all about money. It always was. It's all about some rich motherfuckers chewing up talented young people to make some big fat stacks by selling mediocre music to the audience. Rock and metal are supposed to be rebellious genres of music, where is this feeling now? Listen to some fresh rock music on the radio. Can you feel anything? It's all gone... I'm not implying that everything new is shit, I just can't compare the biggest part of it to stuff that was released some decades ago. Let's just say that the shit to music ratio has changed dramatically in the last two decades. And I know I'm too young to tell, but that's how I feel when I listen to the radio (and this is the exact same reason I rarely listen to the radio).
exactly what I think, and it was implicit in my post, that what stays behind all of this is only money...... no good and no bad, only reality  Smile3 I mean, it's not a bad thing to make a lot of money playing music, but from starting playing in the basement, and arriving at the top of the charts, something goes lost......

and it's exactly because of this, that I've started this thread (asking myself if, nowadays, it's still possible for a new band to become BIG and stay there eternally) and it's something clear to see, even if you're young (like you) or old (like me)  Grin

and besides all of this, there are the new technologies: a good way to promote and share your music but, on the other hand, EVERYONE can publish his music (good) and every corner of the world is filled with a mass (or a mess...) of not so good or not so original music (bad)...... one goes, one arrives, one arrives, one goes, and if in the middle there is something really good, it passes unseen...... all is now too fast and the feeling is that the most of the audience is now too lazy...... now people hears a lot but doesn't listen very much......
I don't know whether the audience is to blame. I think it's all about promotion, about how much money a label pays the x, y magazine to promote its releases. They always promote the same stuff, again and again. Check the "album of the year" section and you'll see the biggest bands on top. And it's not like they don't make good music, but there are lots of other bands that make a great job writing songs as well. It's always about promotion. Everyone is hyped when Iron Maiden is to release a new cd, even though it will never be as good as their old ones, just because of the audience's love and their nostalgia and the stuff they read on the media (I do not imply that they make bad music, but let's just be realistic here). The only thing that makes me happy is that there will always be some dj's who add underground or underestimated tracks in their playlists. They really help people around them learn some new stuff, even the lazy ones you're talking about. After that, it's all about passion. If someone is passionate enough, they will always look for something more.
(10-30-2016, 10:37 PM)mistressofdecay Писал(а): [ -> ]...... Everyone is hyped when Iron Maiden is to release a new cd, even though it will never be as good as their old ones, just because of the audience's love and their nostalgia and the stuff they read on the media (I do not imply that they make bad music, but let's just be realistic here)......

you say IRON MAIDEN, I add METALLICA, MEGADETH, SABBATH, JUDAS and all the other great bands from the past...... it's enough to read their live set-lists and you'll see how many (very few) new songs you can hear at their shows and how many (the most) "classics" they play...... they live on thanx to their past masterpieces and they make new records oly to satisfy the record companies, but it's clear that the bands themselves know that their new material will never be as good as their classics and, at the same time, probably no one will never go to their shows without the same old songs...... and so the shows and the live albums are one the copy of the previous...... as I've said: nothing new at the horizon and the music destined to turn around itself......

anyway...... now it's all too big and too fast...... too many bands, too many albums, too much music...... once, to buy an album was a real act of love and support for a band, and a kid was passing days after days listening to it untill he could know it note by note...... now, looking not so far from here, we download hours of music with one click, and probably we will have not enough time in our remaining lifetime to listen to it a second time...... it's clear that there is something wrong somwhere......  Laugh1
"The certainty, the habit, the predictability kill not only the passion (for lack of obstacles) but also enjoyment, which is a relative of surprise"

Soren Kierkegaard

Ah, don't get me wrong, Iron Maiden was just an example of a big and famous metal band, of course this happens with most of the big ones. Just to make things clear, I do not imply that all these people have no talent, it's just that the contracts with their labels demand some live albums and/or compilations and the fans end up buying the same recycled stuff again and again. Fuck originality, fuck creativity, fuck everything in general. We are talking about the future of this music, while the present already sucks. I just hope things get better someday. And regarding clicking to listen to an album I would once save money to buy, well, I don't regret it. Of course there are some releases that I want to buy in the future (when/if I have the money to to so), but there's so much stuff I wouldn't give a shit about buying, anyway. I know how it feels to know you have been ripped off after buying a long expected release and I don't like it that much.
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