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Полная версия: Growl Singing: Who was the first?!
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I really want to know who was the first singer to use this thecnique and how it developed over the years. Do not consider the tibetan throat singing, let's find its origin on metal music. Send interviews, texts, videos and songs.
good topic  Smile3

I think the first has been Lemmy...... one day, before startint to sing, made a cough in the microphone...... it was the first growling......  Laugh1

ok...... seriously...... I think that it has been some sort of evolution of the singing, more and more extreme together with the increasing extremization of the sound and the music...... hard rock ---> heavy ---> thrash ---> death, and so on the vocals...... not a single first singer, but a more or less evolution of the vocal styles...... I guess......  Smile3
I would not say Chris BArnes , ex-Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, was the first to come up with this style. But he was for sure one of the most influences in growlings for most death metal bands from today. Althought Napalm Death was around first than Cannibal, I still believe Cannibal was the big jump for the genre.

Check their DVD history:
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Hope I helped.
Kam Lee of Mantas is possibly the first. Mantas later became Death. (yes, THE Death) I don't credit Lemmy with the original growl because his style is far too throaty and raspy. RIP Lemmy.
I was also thinking about Mantas/Death. If not them..who else?
If you know more, please say..
(11-12-2016, 06:25 PM)LivingCorpse Писал(а): [ -> ]..who else?
If you know more, please say..

it's something very difficult to say with absolute cenrtainty...... I mean...... one day, coming from nowhere, one single singer started to sing using the growling style...... HIM and no other before HIM...... before him, only melodic clear vocals...... it's something that, if it were that, every one of us should know his name, it would be an historical event remembered by every headbanger on the planet...... the fist growling singer...... as, for example, the first guitarist to use tapping style, or the first band with classic instruments in their songs......  Smile3