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Does anyone know the meaning of what is written on Quorthon's Grave - ,, Fromm Forsberg Sulling'' ?

I read it is a family grave - but what does that mean? This explains Forsberg. But..the rest?
there are no sure informations around...... "slaktgrav" means "family grave" in swedish...... probably Fromm, Forsberg and Sulling are three family names, and probably it means something like "family grave - members of the Fromm, Forsberg, Sulling families"...... I guess...... anyway, eternally hail to Quorthon  Yahoo

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Many thanks! Smile3

I've never though about this, but indeed they do sound like Swedish family names.. At first sight they look like an ancient incantation..

Quorthon was a genius.. Eternal hail, Viking soul!
I don't know why, but thinking about the grave of a guy like Quorthon, probably everyone would imagine something like a big gothic weird grim mausoleum...... but, as we know, Quorthon was a simple and anti-rock-star person...... the legend has arrived unwillingly and mostly after his death...... probably a simple and almost "anonymous" grave is perfect to keep alive the memory of Quorthon  Smile3

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