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My father laid out good fondations with Led Zeppelin, Guns n Roses and other classics, but I discovered metal when I was around 9 (15 years ago), with Rammstein. It pretty much took off from there.
9 Years, maybe a little more maybe a little less. Started with modern bands and know i'm deep in Doom and Death. That is progress.
29 years. started with death metal (morbid angel, massacre, ...) then deathgrind and grindcore 2 or 3 years later (brutal truth, phobia, ...)
More than 25 years.
I began listening Gn'R, Metallica, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Pantera, etc...
Passing the years, I was turning into Death Metal, Djent and that stuff.
Forever! I grew up on metal, hardcore, classical, etc etc
since i was 14-15 years old so more than 20 years
15+ years or so. I was living in Greece, me and kid next door who was a good friend of mine were attending the same English school (this kid grew to form a band called Virgin Mary's Eyes and plays the bass there, I will leave links below) and every time we walked back home he would buy this magazine called Metal hummer and he bought dozens of them so I learned that he loved rock/metal and he learned that I was into Rap music. One day he recommended System of a dawn, At first I was not impressed, I hardly even liked it, then we started with Ozzy and basically that was how I was introduced to this Genre. After a year or so I got hooked and then when I came back to Georgia my cousins recommended Pink Floyd. Well I didn't like Floyd at all. At first because now Floyd is my favorite of them all. So Now I experiment on all sorts of music this last few years I gave a chance to symphonic metal such as Therion and I am loving each and every of them.

P.S here is Virgin Mary's Eyes
since my 13 years old, from 1987.
The first bands Iron Maiden Accept Black Sabbath
And later the hardening musics thrash and death metal bands
But i like hard rock and prog rock bands from the 70'S
GNR 30 years ago. Poison to anthrax Smile3 everything hardcore now. I can't keep up. Goth to black Smile3
All my life (never too old to rock) Yahoo
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