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Полная версия: How long are you listening to metal?
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I sarted to listen metal with a friend, that in nowadays is my best friend, we started listening bands like dragonforce, slipknot etc. 

After little months i guess, we changed to death metal, with bands like suicede silence, cannibal etc, and later since nowadays we listen only black metal (during 3 years but the last 2 more or less i understand the means of this type of music and changed me a lot) , it's the only sub-genre that, in my case (in my friend also), grew up myself how person and mind.
Almost 10 years... When the anniversary comes, I'll buy myself some treats I guess LOL
I don't know, maybe ten years or more. Started with Katatonia, Opeth and Death/Doom but more in the melodic side of things, then discovered Dismember, At the Gates, Dissection and well.. here I am, searching for some obscure bands! heheh cheers.
40 years... from the beginning of that genre. I have 54 and in school I began to listen Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and in next years I listened lot of progressive rock and metal, heavy metal, power, gothic and so. Now I listen to a lot of death and progressive metal.
Since AC/DC first album High Voltage (I believe its since 1975). So ... FFS its already 44 years!
2 years. Started at 12 years, now I'm 14 years old dude)
Started from Nu-Metal, now I'm like to listening to Sympho and Deathcore
Almost 30 years now, in ex Yugoslavia we had no MTV or music televisions whatsoever, and rock lp's were bought abroad, in Germany or Italy. I've heard sonme Queen stuff, Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers, but first contact with metal was Creeping death/Jump in the fire EP, and later on, AC/DC's Razor's Edge, Seventh son ... In early 90's first foreign videos were shown on TV, and the first time I saw Pantera's Mouth for war and Faith no more's Epic I was hooked. Now my kids listen to Judas Priest, AC/DC ...
I've been listening to metal since iwas 15, its been 22 years now.
Hey guys i started listening to Stratovarius and Nighwish since i was 7 thx to a good friend of mine ever since now i still love metal Rofl
I think around 35 years!
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