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Since 1985!
Started at 16, so 22 years as a Metalhead now.
I have been listening to metal music since i was 11 , im 34 now
лет с 15-ти, начинал , как наверное многие, с альтернативщины и ню метала, позже классический хэви и пауэр, ну а закончилось всё техничным дэт металом))) Как-то вот так)
39 Years...Not many surprises left for me
About 45 years starting with all the usual suspects of the early to mid '70s.
Since ten years old ( I´m 46 old)
My initiation to the Metal genre was back in '84/'85 thanks to my aunt always listening to Guns&Roses, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, and the list goes on. I've even influenced my son, who's now 4 almost 5yrs old, into the greatness that is metal which I've played around him since he was born. Funnier thing is his grandma asked him who plays the best music in the car and how do you "dance" to it(?), and he immediately started headbanging and said Daddy listens to the best music, lol ?
I'm not kidding when I say this, but I've actually only been listening consistently for about a month now. Somehow, I went 33 years on this planet before realizing that I actually really enjoy Scandinavian black metal, and other music along that branch.

So far, I've been going through the entire Burzum discography and having a blast, and I also am very much enjoying Drudkh, Austere, Gris, etc.

I'm also new here, so far this site rocks!
Over 40 years
Since Smoke on the water, then
Master of puppets
Iron Maiden's Killers
Sabbath bloody sabbath
Ace of spades
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