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I'm 44 now,  started listening in my teens at high school.
I went from folk music (the reason I picked up a guitar) to becoming a real big Guns n Roses fan. Then to Monster Magnet then my metal journey stagnated on Anathema my favourite Doom band of all time. Yahoo
Hmmm, it's been quite a while now, a bit longer than most users here have been around on this plane of existance: I'm 53 and metal has in fact been a part of my life since 1979, when I got pulled in by a records store window, all draped in black and filled with covers of Kiss' solo albums. Until then I had been listening to (crappy) Italian radio and purchased some rock singles to play on one of those portable record player: Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, Status Quo's Whatever You Want, Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star, Knack's My Sharona...
It was quite an impressive display which left a deep mark on 12 years old me. Of course I had no money to buy albums back then, but those four faces wouldn't leave my mind until, later in the year and "packed" with money from my b'day presents, I headed out to another store right outside my school to buy one of those vinyls and came out with Double Platinum instead. It was the first pressing, with the foil embossed gatefold cover and platinum record print: shiny, large, DOUBLE the music!!! In retrospective, if I wouldn't have stumbled upon Double Platinum I would've likely purchased Gene Simmons records (of course he had the most striking image cover of the lot) and -being it the crappy record that it is- I wonder what would've happened. Would I have turned to punk? Disco? Quit music already? But, alas!, that didn't happen, in 1980 I attended my first metal concert (Kiss + Iron Maiden: thanks dad for bringin' me there!) and it's been a fun ride for the next 40 years, and still going strong!
Rock is since 2005. 
[url=][/url]Metal since 2008 (basically begun with The Day That Never Comes).
Although I had contact with these genres many years before, but hadn't listened in fact.
14 years.
It came to me gradually.
First, at the end of 2004 I played Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within and I heard Godsmack, that was amazing.
Then in 2005 Fahrenheit came out - I heard Theory Of A Deadman and fall in love with post-grunge.
Then Need For Speed: Most Wanted came out and I heard Avenged Sevenfold and BFMV. My friend at school said that his elder brother has more such music on DVD and here we go.
Hello All!)) I've been listening to metal for 20 years!
For six months I listened to the "Агата Кристи" Russian band, and then immediately Carcass, Kataklysm, Impaled Nazarene..., but there was Pantera, Metallica, different Smile3
I'm listening to the metal from its very beginning in 1969/70 until now, will be about 50 years. Have I won? Grin
When I was a young kid my dad would always play classic rock and stuff like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc. so I guess you could say since I was a toddler basically.
(10-23-2017, 03:39 PM)JensenBreck Писал(а): [ -> ]I'll keep it short; I started listening to metal music eleven years ago, back in 2006. I first received Nickelback's All the Wrong Reasons, then Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction from my mom. After that, things spiraled slowly and I was listening to Guns, then Metallica, then Def Leppard, then Megadeth, then Cacophony (I had also decided to start playing guitar), and many other bands. 

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When I was just a wee little child I grew up around hair rock bands. I carried the passion of rock and it's subgenres for years before leading into Nu Metal. I can say that for 15 years (as of now) is how long I have been into the metal scene. With my ever so passion growing for it I took to searching back through the origins. Thus, I have fallen upon Judas Priest, Dio and so forth. But what I was ashamed of was not meeting the intersecs of Judas Priest and Dio which was a band called Mercyful Fate which would later lose their original vocalist which is now King Diamond. 

So, I can say my knowledge on the origins of all metal subgenres are very much completed almost. Each subgenre has their own origins within the base origin of Metal as a whole. Keep calm and split that wall of death! \m/
Me was twice, the very first time was GNR back in the late 80s, then the whole scene changed in about 94-95 then got into Linkin Park and that brought me back into metal.
Started way back in 86' So 39 years and still going strong... Any heavy metal in general fav genre hard rock!
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