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I started listening to metal 3 years ago. What started as a music exploration, now it became a part of my life. I still remember listening to my first metal album, Korn by Korn. The songs really touch in some issues I've experienced. In my life, I've been in really fucked up situation and fall victim to it for example child abuse and bully. Those songs reflect my fucked up past and I felt it.From that onwards, I started getting into metal. Started from nu metal alternative metal, to metalcore death metal. Now I'm currently listening to Living Sacrifice's Reborn. I'm interested on Suicide Silence and Bring Me The Horizon.
i'm listening to metal from year 2000 - my friend started to lend me metal CD's.. he converted me from techno music to gothic metal
i liked the lyrics, then slowly music too. i could celebrate 20 years anniversary of me and metal :Smile3
my top band was My Dying Bride for many years, now it's Dark Tranquillity (according
About 30 years
since 1991, after hear slayer's album - Show no Mercy
since i had 8 years old, my first tape was "Maza" from LETHAL, the I listen MALON, and DeathMetal since 12 years old maybe 13, And blow my mind! my fisrt cd was "MATANDO GÜEROS" from BRUJERIA, then "Serpent Of the Light" from DEICIDE and this albums change my life! I had 31years old now!
When I was 5 years old back in 1977 my parents brought home an LP and told me it was the craziest looking guys they could find. It happened to be KISS, who they had never heard of. They didnt know what they started. Within a week, every kid in the neighborhood was listening to KISS. My first album was the self titled album.
About 17 years. )))
I've been a metalhead for nearly 40 years now. Started with Queen in about 81/82 I was about 12/13 at the time, going onto Magnum, Vain, Queensryche, Running wild, Scorpions, Rammstein, going through NuMetal as well and dozens and dozens more. still finding new great stuff out there and loving it. currently enjoying southern rock like 1000 horses, Cadillac 3, and more modern rock like Hotei, Five Finger Death Punch etc. 52 now and it'll never slow up. Enjoy folks!
I think I've always been a hard rock/metal guy. But can probably pinpoint when I became a full fledged metal guy. 1991. Working on my aunt's swimming pool with my dad listening to Metallica and Ozzy. Escalated in the mid-late nineties with bands like Fear Factory. No going back. So almost 30 years now.
Since arround 2005, i started with epica's phantom agony and even now i still love them
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