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Started back in 1970...bought Sabbath's 1st release @ $4.95 new. Loved it since then, have never stopped.

"If it's too loud, then you're to old"

Not yet, not gonna happen.
I've been listening to metal from its start =D
I´m 64.
Since I was 14 I think, allound that age. Before I listen metal, music doesn`t matter. Now I need music haha. Started with oldschool Nightwish
this year is my 2nd and half yeah. x japan was the band that made me into a metalhead. i started listening to more japanese bands.
then Black sabbath and judas priest .
All my life, parents liked metal, and I like metal.
Since late 80s I was in my early teens when my interest in music started. Though I started with hard rock and glam metal but progressed to thrash metal. 90s was groove metal and industrial metal while listening also to grunge/alternative and techno. But in early 2000s everything change. Ever since I went to this particular store that only sell anything metal. Didn't want to appear clueless so thats when I started researching on all metal genres. That transitioned me become more metal.
Since  ..... ho God ... 42 years ...

Thanks for this website which is a real gold mine !!!
Since around 86/87
Grew up on the classics (Metallica/Megadeth/Maiden/etc) but my first taste of extreme metal was Fear Factory at 8 years old (so 1998/1999 or so). Really started branching out on my own at 12/13 with bands like Cradle of Filth and Windir (picked up Windir's 1184 in the bargain bin at 13 years old) and that really set me off in my own direction.
Since 1977: when my brother came home with the first Black Sabbath album
55 now
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