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I've Been Listening 2 Metal Since I Was !7 - - - So 4 Me A Solid 40 Years.   METAL RULZ.   \m/
I'm 55 and I've been listening since Christmas 1975 when I received Deep Purple's Made in Japan and Uriah Heep's Return to Fantasy as christmas presents - before then I had been listening to (and still do) Yes, ELP, Rick Wakeman. To paraphrase Saxon, I was there in '79 when the dam began to burst.
Since 2001 (I was 16). It was Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory that made me listen to metal.
I've been listening to metal since 1975. I was 14.
since 2005-2006 so 18 years.... i was a teen...... my first metal song was by kalmah.

Its my all time fav. band.
Since about 2004, when I was 17. I was a punk as a teenager and listened to a tonne of music. The more I explored what was out there the more my tastes just kept getting heavier and faster. The last punk subgenre I was into was crust and then that led me into metal and I've never looked back!
About 30 years now, started when i was just 15 years old.....Smile3
7 years or so, after discovering so much new genres, I am definitely not stopping now! Smile3 There has never been a better time for Metal and music in general. Granted, there was never so much shit present but same goes for brilliant music, works of art, you just gotta dig a bit.
Wow, it's been so long. It was 1981 when i bought my very first audio tape.
For 27 years now. It all started when my mom gave to me a tape she found on the ground while taking a walk : Iron Maiden's 1983 Piece Of Mind when I was 12. Now I listen mostly atmospheric, symphonic black metal but not only. I like many ohter sub genres of metal.
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