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I listen heavy Metal since i was 7 at early 90s with old tapes of my mom: Led Zeppelin Ac/Dc Deep Purple Black Sabbath Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult. In those years in italy someone liked Classic Rock (Dire Straits David Bowie..) or Punk Rock, but everyone going crazy with S. Remo's pop pussybitches, shitty hip hop and FUCKING DANCE "music", everyone but me and a few others: at eleven i had started listening an italian local radio (radio lupo solitario = Lonewolf Radio) and found out Iron Maiden, Manowar, Saxon eccecc, WOW starting to headbangin around, but my favorite radio program was another:  it was called "Satan House", on air every saturday night, proposed Thrash Doom Ghotic Death Black..... I had fallen in love with Anthrax Slayer Emperor Mayem Burzum Chatedral Cannibal Corpse Enthombed and so many more..   
Now I'm 34  and......    NEVER LISTEN NOTHING ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif] [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif]
That I remember I was 6 years when listen full rock, I start with Nirvana, Guns ad roses, Metallica then the music take me forever hehehe... I remember when my old brother say to me I've got somenthing new, he took the cassete in on Aunt's radio and play all vulgar display of power my mind blow out complete... hehehe such times that I never forget. Love this shit, and took me to play drums..

This is the band I actually play, I invite you to listen...
I was 10 years old when I started listening to punk rock. Then I started listening to nu metal and metalcore. Then I got interested in heavier music than I listened to. Now I'm 20 years old and I listen to music from punk rock to slamming brutal death metal. My favorite genres are metalcore, melodic death metal, symphonic deathcore, symphonic metal.
Well, I started in 1980. In the 2000s I took a break and now I'm back since 2010.
I'm 32, I grew up with my father listening to Metallica/Megadeath/ACDC/Motley Crue/80's Rock. I would say since I was young I loved Rock music. Metallica was my fav as a child, Soundgarden and Nirvana then took my top spot. I had my dark days when I was listening to Coal Chamber/Deftones/System/Korn lol don't judge me. when I was in junior high. Now I'm into Pig Destroyer/Nails.

So I have listened to rock/metal all my life, thanks to my Dad.
38 years
11 or 12 yrs old!!!
sinds I was 16 years old . Now i'm 62 , so 46 years .
28 years...when i was 10y old. My 1st metal album "Breaker" in 1990 )
nailbomb on 94 i was 11, 24 yrs by now
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