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Полная версия: Artist + Album search returns no result
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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but the search returns no result when the search string contains both artist and album.
Ex: "Morbid angel - Kingdoms Disdained" or "Morbid angel Kingdoms Disdained" do not return anything whereas ""Morbid angel" or "Kingdoms Disdained" return results (in the first case all Morbid Angel avaialble actually).

Is it a feature or a bug?
In case of a feature, would it be open to consideration change the behaviour?
or it means the album itself isnt uploaded by itself.
It's not feature. Your proposal is useful, we'll implement it, thank you.
The search is performed either by the artist. Or by album. This is just a feature of the algorithm of the search block. Of course you can change everything. I never thought about it, because I'm used.
@zzashpaupat: Thanks for considering it for implementation. I'm looking forward to using it.
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@zzashpaupat: Nice ! Works like a charm! Thanks a lot!