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Полная версия: Not receiving weekly emails
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For some reason I am not receiving the weekly most popular updates email.
Is there a way to receive them again?
Hi, scream!
Last email was sended today's morning. Please check maybe you have recieved it now?

it's also been 2 weeks since I received the most important email of the week Smile3
Do I need to activate it somewhere  ?

Thx, Smetje
Same here, I don't receive the mail anymore
I'm not getting it either, I wonder if there's a problem
I’m not receiving e-mails neider
Same for me, no weekly mail last sunday.
hi, im not getting weekly emails either. it started like 2 or 3 weeks ago Sad((
The last one I received was sent in 11/02/18... so sad about it....
 it's been several weeks since I no longer receive email for the most popular torrent.

Why ?
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