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RE: Black metal vs death metal - metalpineapple - 10-21-2013

Death metal.

RE: Black metal vs death metal - TheDevilsMetal - 10-25-2013

(11-06-2012, 03:43 PM)Svibrager Писал(а): it's pointless to compare them. When the genres were just starting out, there was barely any distinction, - people that were into extreme music listened to everything; the Norwegian scene was so militant because most of the death metal genre at the time, especially in Scandinavia, got so oversaturated that it essentially turned into heavy pop music, - musically and aesthetically; death metal there and then no longer represented any of the values it originally started with, hence the 2nd wave of Black Metal. Outside of those events, I don't see any rivalry per se, let alone a "war".

This guy(?) knows what he's talking about!

RE: Black metal vs death metal - maxtennessee - 10-26-2013

Black Metal. SATANIC Black Metal, not that pussy NSBM shit.

RE: Black metal vs death metal - netiger - 11-04-2013

How about waging a war against justin bieber instead.

RE: Black metal vs death metal - slayer9019 - 11-09-2013

I feel with so many band crossing over the line between the two sometimes it is hard to even narrow down who does what. Labels suck anyways, as even within both sub-genres there can be such a difference band to band. Both are great, but I would say I lean more toward black metal, when I used to lean more toward death metal.

RE: Black metal vs death metal - stigmatix - 10-01-2015

Black metal = atmospheric, simplistic, usually raw lo-fi sound, shrieking vocals
Death metal = technical, lots of beat changes, usually clean sound, guttural vocals

My father always complained about my so-called death metal music. No, I play black metal lol.
So I decided to teach him; I put on "Hammer Smashed Face" by Cannibal Corpse, and then I put on "Transilvanian Hunger" by Darkthrone.
Now he can tell the difference hehe

RE: Black metal vs death metal - RiverPlate - 10-28-2016

[Изображение: img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=9669290]

RE: Black metal vs death metal - PDM1980 - 10-29-2016

I love both genres,honestly,and think it's wonderful when you get bands that combine both;God Dethroned,Stillborn,Necrophobic..etc.. just to name a few. If I had to select either Black Metal or Death Metal,I think I would choose Black,because of the wide variety the genre has. I am heavily into Black/Viking/Folk bands. Both are solid genres with a vast,wide variety,so one can not go wrong with either. As far as technical abilities go for each genre,I'd say it's about equal in terms of musicianship. With lyrical themes,I think Black Metal has the edge. There are just way too many awesome,well written songs for Death Metal to compete. Now,If I want to go to a show and get crazy in the pit,I'm sure taking Death Metal. Black Metal shows are hit or miss,depending on the bands and lineup. I usually go to a majority of Black Metal shows and watch,Death Metal shows,I'm going in the pit 90%of the time. I think it also has to do with the overall show aesthetic,too. You have a ton of Black Metal bands that add different elements to the live show,and it's amazing to watch. With Death Metal,you are getting the same thing 90% of the time. This isn't a knock against Death Metal(I have a Death sleeve on my right arm,favorite band),it's just that most of Death Metal bands are predictable,as where Black Metal,a solid portion,is unpredictable,and I think that unpredictability draws me in,at times. I've been going to shows for over 25 years,and it seems that my biggest 'wow' factor shows have been Black Metal(Nifelheim,Destroyer 666,Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult,Dragged Into Sunlight,Aura Noir,Inquisition,Satyricon,) just to name a few.