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Life philosophy - Shatanka - 09-29-2012

Yesterday some users were talking on chat about religion/life's philosophy so that inspired me to posting this thread. As we're social community, maybe someone of us would like to share his opinion about that. Do you belive in God or any higher power? What is the philosophy of life that you support?

RE: Life philosophy - Ro-neF - 09-30-2012

Your question / request was heard correctly. Please write in more detail what you want to hear - and then there will be more answers.

RE: Life philosophy - hellene8 - 11-14-2012

Hello to all! I'm new here... I have been watching a documentary about us humans / our universe, everything and anything that exists and I have been shocked by what really is and what we are able to see (only a very small proportion of what really is all around us, from very very close to very very far). This defective condition is caused by our own defective brain mechanisms that can't process all information coming towards us from the whole of the universe...
The bottom line should be: let us all cooperate for a better future for us all, let us cast aside our differences (which ultimately will lead us to our own extinction) and simply let us celebrate our differences! Our human future has a looooooooooooooooooooong way to go ahead, but it can't happen unless we make fucking brave decisions.

Цитата:You've got the freedom to choose what you wanna see
But the bottom in you is the bottom in me
The rock might be thrown from many different heights
But always falls to the same floor through dim red lights

My own feelings about what I've seen from life.. well, many differences among each other to overcome, which is indeed very hard and we will have to pursue it, since it can't happen by itself and on its own, so be tolerant with everything and learn not to make judjements very quickly..
As far as God is concerned, I do believe in a higher power and also science cannot refuse it and cetainly in my opinion cannot deny it.

RE: Life philosophy - r2d2069 - 01-16-2013

I would say read The Lost Book of Enki, if you haven't already.

RE: Life philosophy - Xarnor - 01-17-2013

I believe in the Christian God, Jesus, the Bible, etc. Sometimes I feel conflicted about enjoying metal (a music genre that tends to be anti-religious and anti-Christian, as I'm sure all of you know), but as far as I know, the Bible doesn't have any genre-specific restrictions Grin

RE: Life philosophy - nevs - 01-22-2014

Hi guys, new here and occasionally online to check for updates. A great website.

As for the interesting thread subject, I'll be in a default state, reserving judgment on life and its origin. One thing I do know for sure, Metal music is super duper awesome.

RE: Life philosophy - broda - 02-16-2014

I believe in common sense and freedom, that is defined by doing whatever you feel is right, as long as you don't violate this same right of others. There is some fine line for conflict, but ultimately you can voice your negative opinion about someone, you can challenge him for a discussion, but you can't beat them up or even kill them for what they believe in as this violates their freedom. This is double - edged sword. It is ok to, say, migrate to other countries as long as you honour their customs and laws, and raise your offsprings in peace with your host country beliefs. This is offen broken by muslims in europe.

In short, don't be a dick, world would be a better place if everybody would respect each other.

Also think for yourself, question authority. Don't take anything for granted, read up and then formulate your own opinion. This is why I don't follow any religion or political world view, they give you answers you must blindly follow, you become a pawn in someone elses game of chess.

Also it is arrogant and selfish of humans to assume entire universe was created for and about them, that everything was created so they can be judged for their mortal deeds and placed in eternal paradise. This is like some obscure species of fish living only on the bottom of the Mariana Trench assuming everything was created for them, that they are the master race and that they have the right to rule the world. This seems absurd, but this is exactly what human race do. We elevated ourselves to higher piedestal, like we are better than any other animals, which gives us the right to create holocaust of every other species on earth. Youtube 'Earthlings' for eye-opener about human supremacy, it just might make you question things.

RE: Life philosophy - Metalman420 - 02-16-2014

Hello everyone,
I don't understand why people need to feel as if their is a god... The truth is, we don't know and probably will never know. Until each everyone one of us passes on. That being said, all we can do is live life to the fullest while making as many positive friends in the process. Only thing we can do is enjoy this short time we exist as ourselves, while trying to help others along the way. I don't mean to offend anyone, but this is my opinion.
I know most people try to feel their inflated ego with a false premise of a entity or god, but in truth we have no idea... Death is just apart of life, and you shouldn't be afraid of it. I live this way of life the best I can, by treating others as I want to be treated. Without worshiping any of the "gods" that we portray. If there is a afterlife, then that's the case. But you shouldn't fret over if there's a god or not. It's a waste of time and energy. Live everyday as if it's your last. There's enough mindless tyranny and chaos on this earth. So don't be the asshole that everyone hates. Cause everyone hates that person that no one likes.
Life seems to me as it's a code based software program, such as the ones we use for artificial intelligence. We're biological computers that live and die. Such as computers and phones. So it's makes you think if there's a higher power that invented everything on a code based system. But, we don't know. . . I believe in extraterrestrial life forms that are smarter than humans. Cause if we we're the only life in the entire universe then that other space is for nothing. Anyone to think otherwise is ludicrous. I'm ranting now, but you get the idea.

Anyway hope everyone is having a great year thus far.
Glad to be apart of the community.
Keep on rockin! Yahoo

RE: Life philosophy - NoXuS9090 - 02-18-2014

Hi everyone!
I'm really skeptical about God existence. However, I have many friends that believe in different kinds of gods and I respect them.

I am a determinist and I don't believe in the existence of will, good,evil, justice, nor any kind of absolute beauty. But that does not mean we can't fight to making a better world for us (we should fight!).

I believe in the eternal return because it is one of the most logical explanations about the origin of the universe, so probably I'll be writing this post in several million years.

RE: Life philosophy - Symo2014au - 03-10-2014

I don't go around claiming to be an extreme atheist I personally don't believe that there is a higher deity that will take us on a magic ride to a paradise whenever it chooses to do so. But I do respect those people that do have faith. If I had to have a belief that gets me through my life is that "we reset" we die but our souls travel. We become a new person, in a new life, knowing nothing of our previous lives or anyone that we've came in contact with. It kinda sounds corny now that I've actually typed it out lol but that's why I don't fear death, I merely "reset" like a video game.