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RE: War Metal - Nox Sentinel - 02-03-2014

+1 vote Satanic Warmaster

RE: War Metal - SatanScythe - 03-19-2014

Bolt Thrower?? Infernäl Mäjesty(Can)??

RE: War Metal - kmfbg - 03-19-2014


RE: War Metal - Decko - 04-06-2014

I think Bestial Warlust (Aut) and Darkest Hate Warfront are a kind of war metal (a "bit" extreme). I'm really like'em! Check them \,,/

RE: War Metal - abigor1 - 04-12-2014

i love war metal

RE: War Metal - zkiss1987 - 06-13-2014

Sabaton. War Metal King Smile3

RE: War Metal - Tyrannus - 06-19-2014

War Metal is awesome! I like how they blend two of my favorite metal genres Black and Death

Some bands I like:

Necroholocaust (CAN)
Baphomets Horns (USA)
Blasphemophager (ITA)
Nunslaughter (USA)
Sadomator (DEN)
Archgoat (FIN)
Blasphemy (CAN)

RE: War Metal - invis - 06-20-2014

Does Diocletian count as war metal?

I just listened to their new album and it fucking rocks!

RE: War Metal - Hermes Trismegistus - 06-21-2014

(06-20-2014, 05:54 AM)invis Писал(а): Does Diocletian count as war metal?

They do.
I don't know if Destroyer 666 count as war metal but Unchain the Wolves is more than amazing.

RE: War Metal - THUCKER - 06-30-2014

War Metal from Indonesia :
try to listen this band here
hope u enjoy it Grin