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Request - ftldelay - 12-05-2018

I'm looking for this album:  Various Artists - "Metal Hammer - A Tribute To 1984" from 2014.  Hopefully someone here has it and can post it?  Thanks!

RE: Request - jared_wanted - 12-06-2018

i can grab it, in lossless ('cause not found in mp3). but not sure that would be quick. write me PM for about.

RE: Request - jared_wanted - 12-07-2018

actually, torrent already exist on tracker, in mp3 192, but has not correct description.
here's a link:

and here's come lossless:

next time use the search on tracker correctfully (this time keywords were "Metal Hammer"), and try not post new thread besides parallel request topics here: #1 or #2.

RE: Request - Tiasto76 - 05-07-2019

Hi Im looking for BLutEngel: Un:Gott  new CD a very good gothic synt music

RE: Request - alexkroes - 08-07-2019

I also want to grab this album.
spanish dictionary

RE: Request - JasonN - 10-01-2019

I´m searching for album from The Scream, if anyone got any that would be awesome...

The only album i already have is Let it Scream..