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Non-metal trackers - RafalZ - 02-11-2019

Hi guys, first of all I want to thank you so very much for this tracker, it's the most awesome thing ever created.
Second, forgive me if I put this thread in the wrong place, please move it if you feel so, I just don't understand any of those cyrylic titles here.
My question is: do you guys know any other trackers like this one but with non-metal music? I'm looking for some classical, some electronica, some ambients, psygoa etc. I'd be very thankful for that. Cheers brothers! Ave!

RE: Non-metal trackers - Veggr - 02-12-2019


RE: Non-metal trackers - RichardChaseFanatic - 02-17-2019

It's interesting how I never came across similar websites such as metal-archives or music trackers but for other genres. It's almost as if metalheads are more dedicated in that type of thing