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Blank page on upload? - Ravinoff - 03-04-2019

Okay, not entirely sure what might be doing this, but I've tried on both Waterfox and (ugh) IE. I'm trying to upload a new torrent via the upload page, but once I have the file selected and all the info put in and go to upload it, nothing happens. Well, my browser displays as "sending request to" then loads a blank page with the same URL as the upload page ( with no confirmation message or anything. Am I doing something wrong, or is it being caught for admin approval without a notification, or what?

Using qBittorrent 4.1.5 to create the file, it has the tracker attached, client is displaying that as unconnected "unregistered torrent pass." Not a seeding issue, I think I know how that works, I can't get the actual initial .torrent file onto the tracker to begin with.

RE: Blank page on upload? - Maxwolf - 03-07-2019

Try checking the size of the .torrent file and the sizes of the cover files (images), usually when those files are excessively big it might cause this kind trouble.

Also, if you are using Firefox try to check if you have disabled the content blocking on the site.

[Изображение: firefox-nightly-content-blocking-address-bar-1.png]

Finally, the "unregistered torrent pass." that shows in the client is totally normal because you do not actually use the .torrent file that you created with your client, you have to use the .torrent file created by the site instead, once you uploaded the file that you created then  it will automatically download a new .torrent file from the site and that is the one that you have to use in order to seed.

If you are still having problems uploading, PM(Private Message) any user with green (administrator) or red (moderator) name.