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RE: This Site is awesome! - mikepowell512 - 04-03-2014

I agree with all mentioned before.
I came here for unique music and ended up with great place and interesting people. Smile3

And I have one hint for admins:
Please, could you translate the forum to english?
Cyrillic is not my hobby.. Grin

RE: This Site is awesome! - syren007 - 04-28-2014

Thank you for this great musics! Smile3

RE: This Site is awesome! - rmf729 - 04-29-2014

I totally agree, this site kicks ass. I have had a hard time finding sites like this dedicated to nothing but metal; hell, as far as I am concerned, this is THE only site for metal music.

RE: This Site is awesome! - jmol84 - 06-15-2014

I just discovered this site today and have to say, so far I'm in love with it