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Disappeared torrents - PrayingMantis - 02-15-2020

Hello! I am seeding quite a few torrents, 118 at the moment according to my profile. But there should be even more. I have a seed box and noticed that a lot of the torrents I have been seeding for some time are no longer on the website. These torrents never would have run out of seeds since I have seeding them constantly from a seed box, some for over 4 years.  But they show the failure reason is "unregistered torrent" and the torrents no longer appear in the site search results.

Are torrents purged after a certain time? It's a shame that these albums are no longer available.  Unfortunately I will not be reuploading them, because as much as I enjoy the site, attempting to add new torrents to this site is a huge hassle because the mods are so picky about you format them, and it isn't worth the effort to try when the torrents never get approved.