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Black Metal with violins - xamul - 12-12-2013

Can anyone suggest me good black metal bands that use violins in their songs?

I know only these black metal bands which use violins in their song : Carach Angren, Månegarm, Asmegin, Irminsul, Ne Obliviscaris, Paysage d'hiver, Chthonic, A forest of stars, In Lingua Mortua, Dornenreich, Dammerfarben, Pensées Nocturnes.

Thanks and cheers...Drinks

RE: Black Metal with violins - piyushsikdar - 12-12-2013

Dimmu Borgir too has violins kinda orchestral but you'll like it .

RE: Black Metal with violins - xamul - 12-12-2013

lol..yeah i forgot to mention them...Grin

RE: Black Metal with violins - Necronoxus - 12-12-2013

Maybe you wanna say Celtic or Viking Metal band... because Black Metal band don't really USE violin, at least the have a GUEST violin or viola. Anyway, aftermentioned Månegarm (Viking Metal) over all. There is also Dark Metal which envolves so many "gothic" instrument such as organ, keyboards, piano, violin, archs and so on. Graveworm, Eisregen, Elvira Madigan, just for example. As I said some Black Metal bands had guest violins or arch too. An exemple is Carpathian Forest's "It's Darker Than You Think" from the album "Defending The Throne Of Evil".

RE: Black Metal with violins - Veggr - 12-12-2013

RE: Black Metal with violins - uberlulz - 12-13-2013

There are a few examples I can think of, unfortunately I can't recall of many black metal bands that use violin in their songs.

My Dying Bride (They play more death/melodic doom than black metal -their first album is quite heavier than the rest-, but the violin is a key part of their compositions so I really recommend them if you wish to hear some really good violin and metal mix. Check out their albums from "As the flower withers" to "Gods of the sun". But I recommend listening to The Angel and the Dark River fully, lots of interesting violin there)

Sear Me
A Sea to Suffer In

Arthemesia (out of their whole discography, only this song has violins if I remember right, but they have amazing songs nonetheless)

Ancestor of Magick

I've also downloaded an group from here named "Ellende" although I'm not too familiar with their songs yet so I can't give you any solid recommendation. This song is quite good though

Ellende - Meer


RE: Black Metal with violins - xamul - 12-13-2013

Thanks guys for your reply...will surely check these bands out..Smile3

Ive heard My dying bride and ellende...they are awesome...

yeah...and even suggestions of celtic/folk/viking black metal bands with violins are welcome....

thanks and cheers...Drinks