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Google Translate - TheDevilsMetal - 01-02-2014

I'm trying to figure out how to participate on this website in a more meaningful way. I'm wondering how accurate google translate is. Do any of you use it to participate in Russian forums? Is there another (better?) way? I'm an old, uniligual Luddite. Any and all help is appreciated!!! Thanks again.

RE: Google Translate - Lustre666 - 01-03-2014

Not to be mean but google translate is shit. you might make yourself understandable somewhat but it will make some weird and awkward situations when you dont understand anything. For example german on google translate is quite impossible to understand.

It would be better if you could maybe learn some basic russian sentences...

Or try to summon all people who can understand english here and chat with them. Idk...


RE: Google Translate - thehearse - 01-03-2014

I use google translate, it is shit, but I try and keep my replies in Russian to few phrases, t helps if you use NO slang when translating. it makes he sentences a little less wonky for russian readers.

RE: Google Translate - p00pd00d - 01-10-2014

I also use google translate and also rate it as shit.
As well as avoiding slang, abbreviations etc. I think it helps to keep sentences as short and simple as you can, no commas and so on.
Also, once you've translated into Russian you can try translating back into English (or your language) and if the result is gobbledygook rephrase stuff and try again. Kind of time wastey though, if any one knows a better translater that would be mega!

RE: Google Translate - xsyzygy666x - 08-07-2014

I was also thinking is there a way to incorporate one directly into this website? Ive seen other websites with it implemented, but it might be far too much time and effort for the developer.

RE: Google Translate - caccauk - 08-07-2014

No please! Google translator is unusable. Maybe someone could help the forum and create an xxx version of it. xxx is a new language

RE: Google Translate - tears_of_fire - 08-07-2014

Google translator is good only to translate single words or short and simple sentences......... otherwise it's better to know the basis of the language or the risk is to say or write e lot of bullshits! Grin

In general....... I know that this site/forum is a russian based site/forum, but I think that it would be a kind thing to talk and write all in a language that could be understandable by the most of us.......... I don't say to speak all in english........ but if in a topic (like for example the one about METAL-TRACKER GIRLS BEAUTY CONTEST 2014) it's obvious that there are users from all around the world, keeping on speaking in russian seems to be a way to leave the most of users out of the topic....... and IMHO it goes against the intent of a forum or any other social internet network.........

IMHO Smile3

RE: Google Translate - Sentient - 03-07-2015

I use Google translate plugin in my browser and yeah its little useful but i use other website too to understand Russian words and sentences. Am starting to understand Russian quiet a bit, am able to chat here.
Use, they are useful sites to understand and make communication easy. Pleasantry

RE: Google Translate - sentOt - 03-08-2015

Thanx for the advice

RE: Google Translate - djswitch - 03-11-2015

(03-08-2015, 12:14 PM)sentOt Писал(а): Thanx for the advice

think it's all been said. With this site i prefer using Chrome browser, it has an option of translating pages by default to your language of choice.
It may not be most accurate but it is a bit understandable