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What Rocks Your Country - FenrirAragao - 01-31-2014

I was wondering which underground local bands are out there cause sometimes there are great bands in the underground and they just didn't had luck in climbing. So what would be your top 3 local bands + one not local band but from your country worth of mentioning.

I am from Portugal and here most of the bands are Thrash and Death the local top 3 would be Holocausto Canibal (Death Metal/Grind), Pitch Black (Thrash Metal) and Tarantula (Power Metal)

One band which ain't from my district but is worth of mentioning is Lux Ferre (Black Metal)

RE: What Rocks Your Country - Che - 02-01-2014

Putin rocks my country. Fucking rocks, like a depressive black

RE: What Rocks Your Country - foul ole john - 02-08-2014

In Poland we've got a strong black metal scene. There are some bands that everyone knows, even on the end of the world such as Behemoth (BTW, I don't think they are one of best Polish bands), some bands that newly crawled out from underground - such as Furia (Massemord, Morowe and other co-projects of them) or Mgła. And we've got plenty of bands that are known only to fans, but are definitely worth listening.

Szron - Good, freezing, and black as Lucifer's ass.

Pustota - don't listen to them while reading Dostoyevski, or something as much depressive :P

And some other stuff:
RUM - I guess they will cimb, they're goddamn good in playing drunken folk metal.

RE: What Rocks Your Country - Symo2014au - 02-25-2014

I'm still finding my way around the Metal Scene. I've seen a couple of our locals here in Australia. Truth Corroded (Thrash), Universum (MeloDeth), Taunt (Death). I don't really know much (more nothing) about the underground scene. But from what I've listened to so far. It's a friggin' awesome ride!

RE: What Rocks Your Country - foul ole john - 02-27-2014

@up - Great Australian band: NE OBLIVISCARIS - prog black. Don't know if it's a big underground, but is a good one Smile3

RE: What Rocks Your Country - zepar666 - 02-27-2014

Marduk and Dark Funeral!!! bitches!!!

RE: What Rocks Your Country - oropareces - 02-28-2014

Kvelertak are a good Norwegian black metal band, quite successfull here.

I like Gerilja as well, but they're more into alternative rock than metal. Quite difficult as well to get their albums in a "non-alternative" way. You can find them on youtube or spotify, anyhow.

RE: What Rocks Your Country - Kaptain Void - 03-02-2014

from greece....

RE: What Rocks Your Country - foul ole john - 03-09-2014

One thing, that just came to me. I's not about what 'rocks' Poland, because most of these bands are quite forgotten - but I really LOVE Polish doom bands from late 90's.
Nowadays, everyone plays doom metal just as they do in USA, or Western Europe. It's fine, but it's not fresh. Then, music still had kind of "garage spirit", underground sound from behind the Iron Curtain - some of you guys, who live too in post-soviet countries should know what I mean. And besides - 90's brought doom metal, gothic metal, and fashion to sound darker and more pathetic. And even if it sometimes was kinda dauby - it still sounds awesome and fresh. Smile3

RE: What Rocks Your Country - 317d - 03-09-2014

From Lipetsk (Russia) - Moderix (Black Metal), Devoid Of Grace (Death Metal). And Мастер (Thrash Metal), Moscow (Russia)