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Ripping Vinyl - BicycleOfDeath - 03-02-2014

Going through my vinyl collection and seeing what I have that's not on the site. So far It's just some 7" singles & EPs of. In the process of setting up my stereo/PC for ripping vinyl. I'm pretty sure I remember how to remove surface noise in Audacity. You guys will have to let me know of the quality of job I perform with it.

RE: Ripping Vinyl - zepar666 - 03-02-2014

Awesome! Looking Forward to it ;)

RE: Ripping Vinyl - BicycleOfDeath - 03-03-2014

It might be a bit before I upload something. I'm having an issue where the recorded audio is very quiet and it shouldn't be. Hopefully I can fix it. I only have access to my records on the weekends as I travel for work.

I'm routing my turntable through my pre-amped receiver and then to the analog input on my Sound Blaster Fatality Recon 3D sound card. What seems to be happening is there's some sort of interference and there shouldn't be.

RE: Ripping Vinyl - Sir Smokealot - 06-25-2014

any other good progs than audicity? i have the same but i am not really happy with it. There must be a more professional Software out there? would be awesome 2 get any tip.

RE: Ripping Vinyl - GraveOzz - 06-25-2014

As far as i know Audacity is the only good program for vinyl rips. You should add ASIO to your Audacity for better sound / quality.

RE: Ripping Vinyl - stevedri - 06-26-2014

audacity is the most popular and free software. i dont use any software cause i rip directly from tuner to cd recorder. to have good results you must have good hardware and good condition vinyls.

i have technics sl-mkii with stanton stylus
and a old cd recorder philips cdr 770

i have made some uploads with vinyl rips.