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RE: Female Fronted Bands - HeRmAN - 05-25-2014

The new Arch Enemy is Awsome

RE: Female Fronted Bands - abigor1 - 05-26-2014

yes the new allbum is a killer

RE: Female Fronted Bands - Suicyco90 - 05-27-2014

Holy Moses (thrash)
Detente (thrash)
Mythic (death)

Izegrim (death/thrash)

RE: Female Fronted Bands - Tyrannus - 06-10-2014

Of Heavy Metal I like Cruxified Barbara

Now death and Black I know a ton: Angist, Abnormality, Tard, Guttural Slug, Sinister, Light This City, Occultist, Matriarch, Mythic, Black Palace, Dracena, Sacralis, Astarte, Black September, Draconian, Demonic Christ, Ilkim Oulanem, All I Could Bleed

RE: Female Fronted Bands - zkiss1987 - 06-13-2014

I like female fronted bands. My favorite band's Epica, Delain, Nightwish, ReVamp.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - quintarelli - 06-13-2014

check SubRosa and Castle!

RE: Female Fronted Bands - kue - 06-13-2014

Not metal but....Pat Benatar!

RE: Female Fronted Bands - eblis666 - 06-14-2014

arch enemy

RE: Female Fronted Bands - jmol84 - 06-15-2014

Within Temptation, We Are The Fallen, Icon for Hire, old Nightwish, Lacuna Coil between others

RE: Female Fronted Bands - antiOluja - 06-27-2014

There's actually plenty of female lead vocalists out there, and yes although there are more then enough cocks fronting a band/collective..I find some bands with female vocalists way more diverse. The ''under ground'' BM/various genres are fruitful with female vocalists/musicians.


(The above small list is not entirely unknown apart from 1, go forth and venture ladies!! -gents)