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RE: Female Fronted Bands - Liliths_Embrace - 06-28-2014

The Devil's Blood is my favorite female fronted band.

Female Fronted Bands - kubelka - 06-29-2014

Percival schuttenbach - One of the best Polish folk metal bands !..!

RE: Female Fronted Bands - sumerian13 - 06-29-2014

try this band - Smile3

RE: Female Fronted Bands - gatosheik - 07-02-2014

This is my opinion i think that a frontman female or masculine need to be whats he his an example is Epica his lyrics are very conciousness but "indoctrinated minds so very often sick thoughs and commit most to the evil they preach again" example Simons an the member of Kamelot have a son, ¿in middle of a war? now i see Epica like a posers and nothing more they show a face overshadowed.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - dawnbeam - 07-09-2014

if you look really for good music made in Female CRUCIFIED BARBARA is the best band
in the same style you have also Phantom blue try also Girlschool

But CRICIFIED BARBARA isthe best band , good music with incredible riffs, good voice

RE: Female Fronted Bands - CyanideTempest - 08-18-2014

If you want something more rock I recommend Halestorm, personally I find them to be a band whose live show is 100x better than their recorded stuff. But then again I am a bit of a fangirl for this band.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - shaithis - 08-18-2014

If you are searching for more classic heavy metal I know 2 very nice bands: Zed Yago from Germany. 89' "Pilgimage" Album is a classic. The first album is also nice "From over Yonder".
Crystal Viper from Poland are also very nice Heavy metal from nowadays I really loved "The Curse of The Crystal Viper" (2007), they have more albums but I lost a little track of them, maybe It's time to hear them again hehe.

Thrash metal classics Holy Moses are good.

For more Power/speed/thrash metal bands you have the incredible Debbie Gunn that sang in Znöwhite's album "Act of God" (1988) superb album. And her band Sentinel Beast that are now active (I saw them at Keep It True festival and they were awesome) with their classic "Depths of Death" (1986).

Another classic for female thrash Vocalist is Dawn Crosby (died in '96) and had very nice albums with Détente 1986 "Recognize no authority" and Fear of god 1991 "Within the Veil"

Hope that this helps You.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - Sterilox - 08-21-2014

Try these, both melodic death metal:



RE: Female Fronted Bands - totohero2003 - 08-22-2014

Favorites of the moment Mount Salem and Witch Charmer
Both Doom/Psych give an ear they deserve it !

RE: Female Fronted Bands - shaithis - 08-23-2014

(08-22-2014, 09:02 PM)totohero2003 Писал(а): Favorites of the moment Mount Salem and Witch Charmer
Both Doom/Psych give an ear they deserve it !

Great Bands! I suggest the Canadians Blood Ceremony too in this genre.

(08-21-2014, 01:45 AM)Sterilox Писал(а): Try these, both melodic death metal:



Sceptic from poland changed their singer in their last album (Internal Complexity) for a female vocalist (Weronika Zbieg). Pretty nice Technical Death Metal and an awesome voice.