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RE: Female Fronted Bands - Deadly666Nightshade - 08-25-2014

As a woman, I wish I knew of more GOOD female fronted metal bands. It's always something I keep on the lookout for. One of my favorite bands period happens to be fronted by a woman, so if you're into black metal and haven't already given them a listen, check out the German band Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult. Witchblood is another great female fronted black metal band that's a more recent discovery for me, saw them at a fest this summer. Also in the realm of black metal, Demonic Christ and Atrum Inritus... maybe some Anguished if you're into some really abrasive vocals. Believe me when I say abrasive... but I mean it in a good way, because I love that shit. Outisde of black metal, I don't have many that come to mind. Funerus is a good death metal band to check out. And there's the fact that Cerebral Bore was female fronted for a while. I like Draconian too, but that's a bit more on the gothic/doom side. They're fronted by both a man and woman, just changed the female vocalist recently. And there's The Devil's Blood which I believe I saw already mentioned.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - ImmortalScum - 08-25-2014

Mist, doom metal band from, Slovenia.
You can check them out at festival HAMMER OF DOOM 9.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - deadCat - 03-10-2015

Cryptogenic, Death metal band from Belgium

RE: Female Fronted Bands - djswitch - 03-11-2015


and she plays a mad bass

RE: Female Fronted Bands - Deadlegs - 04-27-2015

Haven't seen anyone mention them (unless I missed it) But check out "Save" Two different female singers that mesh well together (Growl and Clean). Most of the vocals are in Russian. Their newest album is in English though. Some of the songs are not my taste but most of their stuff I really like.

RE: Female Fronted Bands - beernd - 05-24-2015

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Best female fronted band i ever encountered.
Seen them live and she knows how to scream!