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Funniest metal band? - asteriskpound - 05-10-2014

In the middle of a spring time thaw, blasting Steel Panther, Anal Cunt, and Ghoul. I NEED TO BE PUMMELLED WITH RIFFS AND LAFFS!!!!! what metal hellion gives you the giggs?

RE: Funniest metal band? - jmiranda000 - 05-10-2014

to me, the funniest metal band to see live is immortal, abbath is very good for laughing, rl, and the music they create, i appreciate it a lot, it's a very good black metal, in my opinion, of course

RE: Funniest metal band? - djswitch - 05-11-2014

Zimmers Hole
Boargasm (from South Africa)
Green Jello

RE: Funniest metal band? - nightstalker101 - 05-11-2014

Here's my list for starters.
Sperm Swamp, Anal Cunt, Alestorm, Nekrogoblikon, Cemetery Rapist, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Gwar

RE: Funniest metal band? - nullcore - 05-11-2014

Some good suggestions so far. I'd like to add: Austrian Death Machine

(If you like a little [lot of] Schwarzenegger with your humor)

RE: Funniest metal band? - ac5820 - 05-11-2014

Listen to "Anal Grind" and "Prichudliviy zarodish"! There is really funny stuff!

RE: Funniest metal band? - vilkejd - 05-11-2014

The Black Satans ! Smile3

The Black Satans - The Mutilation of Christ

The Black Satans - The Satanic Darkness

The Black Satans - The Satan of Hell

RE: Funniest metal band? - asteriskpound - 05-14-2014

oh man i love the black satans! those vdeos kill!

RE: Funniest metal band? - SplitBeaverFever - 05-14-2014

The funniest I've seen live is Trollfest.

Fun songs if you want to be a troll for awhile

RE: Funniest metal band? - VikingWarrior35 - 05-15-2014

Steel Panther, Nanowar, Green Jelly