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RE: What was your first metal show? - SamusLife - 01-02-2015

So far having seen over 300 concerts and hoping for many more... I was eight years old and my first concert was KISS - Destroyer Tour in 1979 at the now sadly gone McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, CO. The arena had a great sound and atmosphere for concerts. Especially metal shows. The way it was built into a hill side made it like a bowl down into the ground of the hill side. That gave it good acoustics in my opinion. I saw many many great bands in oncert at the venue. Due to becoming out of date for sporting events by 1999 it was closed and demolished. I personally think they could have turned it into an awesome performing arts and concert hall venue. However, the site now hosts the new Mile High Stadium for the Denver Broncos. My second concert wasn't long after when I got to see Beatlemania in 1980. AC/DC For Those About To Rock Tour, with Fastway fronting the show, in 1981 at the same McNichols Sports Arena was my third concert and from there it was concert heaven from then til now! \m/ Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance Tour was my fourth concert at the same arena and I believe they were fronted by Uriah Heep. \m/ Good times!

RE: What was your first metal show? - Znarglaxe - 01-12-2015

Deicide/Morbid Angel at the Bronco Bowl(RIP) in Dallas, 2001. Almost got into a fight with one of the Pit-Bulls at that one. Now that I think about it, we almost get into a fight at every show. Hmm...

RE: What was your first metal show? - ajnin - 01-14-2015

Not really metal but it was UKJ. It was a great night!!

RE: What was your first metal show? - joolz666 - 01-27-2015

Can we class Robert Plant as metal? If so, him at Bradford St. George's Hall in 1988. If not... (erm, brain cells getting rather old) ...possibly either Metallica supported by Danzig at the same venue later on in 1988. Loudest gig I've ever been to.

RE: What was your first metal show? - Nott - 01-27-2015

I think it was some local band in 2008/09 at my city.

But my first big-international metal show was Megadeth in 2011. It was great Smile3

RE: What was your first metal show? - morbidboy - 01-28-2015

Kreator in 2005

RE: What was your first metal show? - mangas58 - 01-30-2015

Mine was a local show with Haven Denied and Ransack, both bands from my city. The latest is pretty cool xD

RE: What was your first metal show? - bumlock - 02-04-2015

I saw Kiss and Pink Floyd back in 1977. Not together but that would have been one hell of a concert if they did tour together.

RE: What was your first metal show? - iceblood - 02-16-2015

Hard rock rather than metal but I saw The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Strider at Birmingham Town Hall, England in July (I think) 1974.

RE: What was your first metal show? - Malleus13 - 02-16-2015

Judas Priest with Krokus opening back in '86