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RE: What was your first metal show? - brognax - 08-21-2014

Heidenfest 2012 with wintersun , varg , korpiklaani , krampus and trollfest in italy

RE: What was your first metal show? - KubikiriBasara - 09-08-2014

Iron Maiden, I was almost 13 years old \m/

RE: What was your first metal show? - Eurico - 09-09-2014

My first show was Children of bodom and decapited,great memories,alexi laiho played 3 more songs for us then that was previous called,every time he was saying this is gonna be the last one and,everybody chanted for more. the crowd was fucking awesome,awesome moshpits,just awesome times man.

RE: What was your first metal show? - iwentpostal - 09-10-2014

I attended an event called JJO Band Camp when I was 14. It was a 10 am to 10 pm event which featured bands like Mudvayne, Dope, Red, Powerman 5000, etc. which were all heavily played on our contentious local metal radio station, WJJO. But I don't really call that a metal show. It more gave me an idea of how to act at a real one, though.
My first real show was in Milwaukee, WI at The Rave. At this point, I was 17. I saw Born of Osiris, Norma Jean, and I, The Breather. It was cramped and sweaty. I fucking loved it. Every single band interacted with the crowd so well. I even got to meet Ronnie from BoO after the show. Real sweet dude. He was taking birthday shots with a dude that had followed their tours since the start.
During the show I quickly realized how the metal scene acted. Brotherly, but stern. I wouldn't hug you, but I wouldn't purposely kill you in the pit. Waves of the whole crowd shoving hither and thither. It was that day I wanted to stay metal till 80.
Still got the ticket.

RE: What was your first metal show? - teslasboots - 09-11-2014

Twisted Sister Bradford St Georges hall 16/04/1983

followed a month later by

Saxon/Twisied sister/Girlschool/Anvil/Jag panzer at Leeds Queens hall 28/05/1983

Heavy metal don't you just love it \m/\m/

RE: What was your first metal show? - omicronpersey8 - 09-14-2014

Megadeth, 2005 (The same show of the "That One Night - Live in Buenos Aires") that was my first show ever!

RE: What was your first metal show? - Rany-01 - 09-17-2014

Back in 1986. Iron Maiden - Somewhere in time tour with WASP supporting Inside the electric circus. AWESOME!!

RE: What was your first metal show? - foul ole john - 09-17-2014

It was - as I remember - in about 2001 or sth. And DON'T TOU FUCKIN' LAUGH! Rofl - Trzy Siostry - some kind of Christian thrash or something. And it was a coincidence :P I wanted to see Armia (psychodelic punk with thrash and some strange things), and they played before them :P

And the first metal show I were at intentionally was one of friends' bands, but I don't remember which one and when. One of those, who play in schools, when you can go for free, and they are happy, that someone came, and you are 16 or sth and you go drinking with older fellas that play concerts :P

RE: What was your first metal show? - Revolted - 09-18-2014

Moonspell in a small town in the Center of Portugal, circa 2004

RE: What was your first metal show? - DBM - 09-18-2014

Mine was Amon Amarth \m/