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What does (Upconvert) mean? - HeRmAN - 07-29-2014

Several torrents are noted as (Upconvert)
Sirenia - Perils Of The Deep Blue (Limited Edition) (Upconvert)

What does (Upconvert)mean on a torrent like this?
What is the purpose?
Is it a re-encoded lower bitrate to a higher? That is a waste of disk space and just stupid, or is it something else?

Please explain.

Does the general upload rule apply to this subject?
13. Update single albums to better quality, as well as from mp3 to FLAC is prohibited!

RE: What does (Upconvert) mean? - Nihilist - 07-30-2014

Hi, yes, its "re-encoded lower bitrate to a higher".
"Does the general upload rule apply to this subject?" No