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Awaiting moderation - Blix3d - 10-26-2014

I just uploaded I shall devour's Manipunation album was wondering how long it takes for the torrent to become available... Is it instantly or do you have to wait until after moderation to share it? thx a lot Smile3

RE: Awaiting moderation - nightstalker101 - 10-27-2014

I actually wondered the same thing. (about uploading and how long it'd take to become available)

RE: Awaiting moderation - Sean19231 - 10-27-2014

I believe it will work once uploaded because of how torrents work but the person must have a link to the torrent. The only thing moderation does is filter the torrents and keeps track of your points (?) amongst other things less important. You can search a newly added torrent and while it's still in awaiting moderation you will see it

RE: Awaiting moderation - Blix3d - 10-27-2014

ok but even when I search it I can't find it? :/

RE: Awaiting moderation - Admin - 10-28-2014

Only you may download torrent to start seeding before moderation. You should share link only after moderation is completed.
To search torrents go to this link and in the right block select "type" = "Awating moderation".
Hope that helps.

RE: Awaiting moderation - Blix3d - 10-29-2014

thanks admin Smile3 everything is in order... currently seeding