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RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Ro-neF - 04-15-2012

Well, try to fill. let's see what you have there for the discography. but we'll see what the moderators say.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Phenom - 04-15-2012

(04-15-2012, 02:47 AM)deadone Писал(а): hi all, i have just created a new alice cooper discography and im hoping i have done it correctly.
can some1 please inform me if its done correct as im not too sure on how it should be done.


discography of the artist is already on the tracker. first author has the right to add it at any time. this is absolutely wrong.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Ro-neF - 04-15-2012

Имеет право. Но не делает. Или откладывает на неопределённый срок это.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - deadone - 04-15-2012

im not sure what you mean by wrong.
i did notice alice cooper was already there but as my pack had more releases inside i added it.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - dubrecords - 04-17-2012

Видеоинструкция для новичков - неплохая идея

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - jared_wanted - 04-17-2012

RTFM - тоже неплохая инструкция, к слову.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Phenom - 04-18-2012

главная инструкция: при загрузке торрентов следите чтобы не было пробела перед названием группы. при проверке на наличие торрента на трекере, поиск выдаёт - шыш.

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Ander31 - 05-06-2012

может вопрос не туда...КАК ПОДНЯТЬ РЕЙТИНГ?
если что не ругайте злобно..

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - Nihilist - 05-06-2012

RE: Рекомендации новичкам - jedi_matt076 - 05-13-2012

(02-29-2012, 05:13 AM)deadone Писал(а): hi all, i have tried to make a post regarding me adding some torrents here but my posts dont seem to show up.
i have a pack of metallica 2009 bootlegs that i can upload, all flac from the 2009 livemetallica and the size of the pack is 80gig.
would any1 be interested in it to get me off to a good start here


I'm Interested in some of those torrents, i cant find any of them. most of the site has been showing up in Ukranian, and google is only translating bits and pieces of the site. Anyways I've been trying to get good torrents for those shows for a looong time now.