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'Call Seeders' function - ironage75 - 11-06-2014

Hi. A while back I downloaded the '1389' discography, and there was a function whereby I could 'Call' the seeders of this torrent in order to start it. I now cant find where or how I did this.

Can any of the mod's explain please?

Thanks in advance Smile3

RE: 'Call Seeders' function - ironage75 - 11-06-2014

Thanks to Blackme for the explanation! \M/

RE: 'Call Seeders' function - thehearse - 11-26-2014

Lol mind if i jump on this info train? I had the same question.

RE: 'Call Seeders' function - blackme - 11-26-2014

if I'm not mistaken, you can use the button only once a day when seeders=0.

RE: 'Call Seeders' function - Veggr - 11-26-2014

if there is no dealer in the left toolbar there is a button `to call downloaded`.and click you can once a day.