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Pagan Black Metal - LordAkhenUlv - 12-28-2014

Hello everyone! Ive been listening to a lot of late Odal, early Windir, Blodsrit as well as "lighter" bands like Myrkgrav and Haïve as well as Temnozor.

What Im looking for is some of your opinions on some good bands I should listen too. If you want me to be more precise I really really love Odal's Zrnes Heimat. Would like something raw and melodic along those lines

Looking forward to your tips!

RE: Pagan Black Metal - NargarothSpain - 12-29-2014

For me, the best Pagan Black Metal band ever is Graveland.

RE: Pagan Black Metal - tears_of_fire - 12-29-2014

I give my vote to DRUDKH


RE: Pagan Black Metal - Liliths_Embrace - 12-30-2014

Nokturnal Mortum,Wodensthrone,Ulver(1993-1997),Aeternus,Wolves In The Throne Room,Negură Bunget

RE: Pagan Black Metal - DEA7TH - 12-30-2014

RE: Pagan Black Metal - Viejales - 01-04-2015

if you like Windir, the continuation is Mistur. This sort of music is not my style, but Windir, Mistur and Nocturnal Mortum are always sounding at home.

RE: Pagan Black Metal - Kvakk - 01-05-2015

Did you tried getting into Primordial?

RE: Pagan Black Metal - Chewz - 01-05-2015

No one mentioned about "Stworz", give it a try.

RE: Pagan Black Metal - ivanargen - 01-08-2015


RE: Pagan Black Metal - gge2502 - 02-21-2016

what about Justabeli?

Tryout this one