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Adding this Genre to the Home Page - Folezicle - 01-17-2015

Was thinking what genres could be added on this site. And then thought Crust Punk isn't on here. I know it is a punk genre, but I consider it to have a lot of metal elements with it. For god sake the godfathers of it mainly Discharge and Amebix, draw a lot from metal. You have genres such as crustcore, which mixes grindcore with crust punk. And even Darkthrone have released some Crust Punk albums.

Some sub-genres that could be added under the crust punk grouping include


RE: Adding this Genre to the Home Page - blackme - 01-21-2015

Crust Punk is unformat. It means if a band plays 'clean' crust punk with few elements of other genres, the band is under a ban on the tracker. If the band's style is permitted and includes some elements of crust, there is crust and D-Beat among the additional genres.

Blackened-Crust = Black Metal + Crust in add. styles
Crustcore = Grindcore + Crust in add. styles
Powerviolence is rarely found here